Section 1A

First Name Last Name High School Grade Position Other Position
Alex Miller Blooming Prairie 12th Outfield
Ethan Slaathaug Hayfield 12th Outfield
Nolan Klocke Hayfield 11th Pitcher Infield
Erik Bungum Hayfield 12th Shortstop
Karver Heydt Hayfield 11th Outfield
Joey Tempel Hayfield 12th 3rd Base Pitcher
Easton Fritcher Hayfield 11th Centerfield Pitcher
Jed Nelson Lyle/Pacelli 12th 3rd Base
Sam Nelson Lyle/Pacelli 12th Outfield
Cole Walters Lyle/Pacelli 12th Catcher
Zach Bollingberg Lyle/Pacelli 12th Shortstop
Jed Nelson Lyle-Pacelli 12th Outfield Pitcher
Zach Bollingberg Lyle-Pacelli 12th Shortstop Pitcher
Sam Nelsen Lyle-Pacelli 12th Outfield
Cole Walter Lyle-Pacelli 12th Catcher Pitcher
Justin Ruberg Rushford-Peterson 11th 2nd Base Pitcher
Cole Morgan Schaeffer Academy 11th Infield
James Mullenbach Southland 12th Outfield
Alec Bissen Southland 12th Infield
Harrison Hanna Southland 11th Pitcher
Nick Boe Southland 12th Infield
Dan Boe Southland 12th Infield
Isaac Griffen Spring Grove 12th Pitcher
Klayton Hawkins Wabasha-Kellogg 12th Outfield
Section Coach of the Year Kasey Krekling Hayfield


Section First Name Last Name High School Grade Position Other Position
2A Aidan Elfering BOLD 12th Catcher Pitcher
2A Braeden Tersteeg BOLD 12th Shortstop Pitcher
2A Zeke Walton BOLD 12th Catcher Pitcher
2A Avery Herdina BOLD 12th Infield Pitcher
2A Tim Peppel BOLD 12th Infield
2A Eli Fest Heron Lake-Okabena/Fulda 12th Pitcher Outfield
2A Dylan Grev Madelia 12th Infield Pitcher
2A Caleb Fogal Mankato Loyola 12th 3rd Base Catcher
2A Matthew Gartner Mankato Loyola 12th Pitcher Infield
2A Logan Carlson Mankato Loyola 12th Pitcher Infield
2A Bryce Schwab Mankato Loyola 12th Catcher
2A Blake Jagodzinske Martin County West 12th Outfield Pitcher
2A Zach Anderson Martin County West 10th Pitcher Infield
2A Sam Knowles New Ulm Cathedral 11th Pitcher Shortstop
2A Justin Berg New Ulm Cathedral 11th Outfield Infield
2A Jacob Berg New Ulm Cathedral 12th Outfield
2A Jackson Huiras Sleepy Eye Public 11th Pitcher 3rd Base
2A Arian Saenz Sleepy Eye Public 10th Pitcher 3rd Base
2A Carson Domeier Sleepy Eye St. Mary's 11th Pitcher Left Field
2A Spencer Hoffman Sleepy Eye St. Mary's 12th Shortstop 2nd Base
2A Tori Helget Springfield 12th Shortstop Pitcher
2A Mason Leonard Springfield 12th Pitcher Outfield
2A Jakob Nachreiner Springfield 9th Pitcher Shortstop
2A Brendon Buerkle Springfield 11th Infield
2A Dylan Batzlaff Springfield 12th 3rd Base Pitcher
2A Isaiah Rieser Springfield 11th 2nd Base
2A Alex Freitag St. Clair 12th Pitcher Infield
Section Coach of the Year Brandon Wilhelmi Springfield


Section First Name Last Name High School Grade Position Other Position
3A Marshall Wagner Adrian / Ellsworth 12th Outfield Shortstop
3A Quinten Wolf Adrian / Ellsworth 10th Catcher Pitcher
3A Dawson Krahling Adrian / Ellsworth 11th Outfield Pitcher
3A Tanner Drietz Canby 12th Shortstop Pitcher
3A Brayden Hahn Dawson- Boyd 11th Catcher 3rd Base
3A Blake Wollschlager Lac qui Parle Valley 11th 1st Base Pitcher
3A Landon Schirm Lac qui Parle Valley 11th Centerfield
3A Carter Amland Lac qui Parle Valley 12th Shortstop
3A Brock Kvistad Lakeview 12th Catcher Pitcher
3A Brooks Asche MACCRAY 11th Pitcher Outfield
3A Dreyer Homan MACCRAY 11th Pitcher Catcher
3A Brady Kienitz MACCRAY 12th Outfield 1st Base
3A Carter Schuelke Minneota 12th Catcher Pitcher
3A Ben Skorczewski Minneota 12th Shortstop Pitcher
3A Dominik Smith Red Rock Central / Westbrook-Walnut Grove 12th Catcher
3A Mason Irlbeck Red Rock Central / Westbrook-Walnut Grove 12th Pitcher Shortstop
3A Luke Willhite Red Rock Central / Westbrook-Walnut Grove 12th Pitcher Shortstop
3A Cody Wichmann Russell-Tyler-Ruthton 10th Pitcher Shortstop
3A Will Carlson Wabasso 12th Shortstop
3A Ty Altermatt Wabasso 12th Pitcher 3rd Base
3A Carter Benz Wabasso 12th Pitcher Catcher
3A Caleb Jans Yellow Medicine East 12th Outfield Pitcher
3A Nikson Knapper Yellow Medicine East 11th Shortstop Pitcher
3A Cody Dahlager Yellow Medicine East 10th Centerfield
Section Coach of the Year Joe Kruger Adrian


Section First Name Last Name High School Grade
4A Jacob Babou AFSA 11th
4A Mitch Laxen Chesterton Academy 12th
4A Andrew Price Legacy Christian 11th
4A Tim Price Legacy Christian 12th
4A Delfin Cruz Legacy Christian 12th
4A Nolan Lindholm Legacy Christian 10th
4A Riley Heimerl Lester Prairie 12th
4A Zach Jackson Lester Prairie 12th
4A Caleb Shipler Mayer Lutheran 12th
4A Greyson McKinney Mayer Lutheran 12th
4A Ty Hoese Mayer Lutheran 11th
4A Caden Robbins Mayer Lutheran 11th
4A Sam Dennis Mayer Lutheran 11th
4A Brandon Gerster Randolph 12th
4A Jacob Weckop Randolph 11th
4A Drew Jenkins Randolph 11th
4A Kaven Blonigen Randolph 12th
4A Mason Lorenzen Randolph 11th
4A Nathan Weckop Randolph 11th
4A Damien Cudd Trinity 11th
4A Joe Ruddquist Trinity 11th
4A John Kocon Trinity 12th
Section Coach of the Year Chris Stanton Chris Stanton Randolph


Section First Name Last Name High School Grade Position
5A Connor Johnson Braham 11th Infield
5A Mac Nelson Braham 11th Catcher
5A Caleb Shustad Braham 10th Pitcher
5A Jonah Johnson Braham 11th Pitcher
5A Tucker Holm Hill City/Northland 12th Catcher
5A Jacob Grice Hinckley-Finlayson 11th Catcher
5A Jacob Jacob Perrotti Hinckley-Finlayson 12th Shortstop
5A Brady Johnson Hinckley-Finlayson 12th Pitcher
5A Dan Aman Nevis 12th 1st Base
5A Cain Mitchell Nevis 11th Centerfield
5A Derek Lindow Nevis 12th Pitcher
5A Colby Milbradt Ogilvie 9th Pitcher
5A Landon Halvorson Ogilvie 10th Catcher
5A Brendan Carlson Onamia 12th Outfield
5A Irvin Tulenchik Pine River-Backus 10th Pitcher
5A Rian Struss Pine River-Backus 10th 1st Base
5A Torrey Carlson Sebeka 11th 3rd Base
5A Hank Tellers Sebeka 10th 2nd Base
5A Levi Stevens Sebeka 11th Catcher
5A Mason Heino Sebeka 12th Centerfield
5A Spencer Lake Sebeka 12th 3rd Base
Section Coach of the Year Jeff Lake Sebeka


Section First Name Last Name High School Grade Position Other Position
6A Hunter Norby Ashby 11th Pitcher 1st Base
6A Jaden Norby Ashby 12th Pitcher 1st Base
6A Peyton Winter Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 12th Pitcher Shortstop
6A Wyatt Steffenson Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 12th Pitcher Centerfield
6A Will VanBeck Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 11th Pitcher Shortstop
6A Nate Moberg Border West 12th 3rd Base 2nd Base
6A Tyler Bitzan Brandon-Evansville 11th Pitcher Shortstop
6A Parker Duncan Browerville/Eagle Valley 10th Catcher Shortstop
6A Nate Benning Browerville/Eagle Valley 10th Pitcher Outfield
6A Will Lorentz-Spychalla Browerville/Eagle Valley 12th Centerfield
6A Kody Berget Hancock 12th Pitcher Outfield
6A Preston Rohloff Hancock 12th Pitcher Centerfield
6A Adam Shaw Hancock 12th Shortstop Pitcher
6A Drey Roberts New York Mills 12th 3rd Base Pitcher
6A Jonah Johnson New York Mills 11th Pitcher Centerfield
6A Jacob Guck New York Mills 11th Catcher
6A Derin Gaudette New York Mills 12th Shortstop Pitcher
6A Deaven Boots Ortonville 12th Shortstop Catcher
6A Andrew Strong Ortonville 12th 2nd Base Catcher
6A Brock Peterson Parkers Prairie 12th Pitcher Catcher
6A Brendan Johnson Parkers Prairie 12th Pitcher Shortstop
6A Cooper Thieschafer Upsala-Swanville 11th Left Field Pitcher
6A Gavin Koetter Upsala-Swanville 12th 1st Base
6A Levi Lampert Upsala-Swanville 11th Shortstop Pitcher
Section Coach of the Year Dustin Geiser New York Mills


Section First Name Last Name High School Grade Position Other Position
7A Kyle Siiter Carlton 12th Infield
7A Kristian Herman Carlton 12th 1st Base
7A Mason Perkovich Cherry 12th Pitcher
7A Nick Peterson Cherry 12th Outfield Pitcher
7A Beau Berry Cherry 11th Pitcher
7A Bryce Warner Chisholm 12th Pitcher
7A Jude Sunquist Chisholm 11th Pitcher Catcher
7A Tate Crawford Cook County 12th Infield
7A Joe Herfindahl Deer River 12th Infield
7A Harry Simons Ely 11th Pitcher
7A Will Davies Ely 12th Catcher Shortstop
7A Dale Erickson Littlefork- Big Falls 12th Infield
7A Brandon Tiedeman Mountain Iron- Buhl 12th Infield
7A Gaige Waldvogel Nashwauk-Keewatin 11th Make Selection Infield
7A Brent Keranen Nashwauk-Keewatin 12th Catcher
7A Jeff Lorenz Nashwauk-Keewatin 12th Pitcher Infield
7A Elliot Levens North East Range 11th Shortstop
7A Zach Cheney Northwoods 12th Shortstop 3rd Base
7A Andrew Zika Northwoods 12th Pitcher
7A Ryder McMillen Silver Bay 12th Infield
7A Jake Stadler Silver Bay 12th Infield
7A Lucas Stadker Silver Bay 12th Catcher
7A Ero Wallin Silver Bay 12th Infield Pitcher
7A Jaxson Bennett South Ridge 11th Pitcher
7A Wyatt Olson South Ridge 12th 3rd Base
7A Jackson O'Bey South Ridge 12th Outfield
7A Connor Bushbaum South Ridge 12th Shortstop
7A Joel Lembke Wrenshall 12th Infield
Section Coach of the Year Aaron Weber South Ridge


Section First Name Last Name High School Grade Position Other Position
8A Beau Fetting Ada-Borup/West 11th Infield
8A Caleb Vacura Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 11th Outfield Pitcher
8A Ethan Waage Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 11th Outfield
8A Sawyer Nendick Blackduck 12th Pitcher Shortstop
8A Tommy Simonson Fosston 10th Catcher
8A Noah Mahlen Fosston 11th Infield
8A Jacob Gutterud Fosston 11th Outfield
8A Evan Chalich Fosston 12th Pitcher
8A Keegan Senger Fosston 11th Outfield
8A Franklin Finney Kittson County Central 11th Centerfield Pitcher
8A Adam Gustafson Kittson County Central 12th Infield
8A Izyk Strege Kittson County Central 11th Pitcher Shortstop
8A Gavin Hlubek Mahnomen-Waubun 12th Outfield
8A Dawson Thompson Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdal 12th Outfield Pitcher
8A Connor Nelson Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdal 11th Pitcher Outfield
8A Ty Kennett Red Lake County 11th Shortstop
8A Parker Erickson Sacred Heart 8th Pitcher 2nd Base
8A Gage Wavra Sacred Heart 12th Catcher
8A Sam Gapp Sacred Heart 11th Pitcher 3rd Base
8A Cullen Rohrich Sacred Heart 11th Outfield Pitcher
8A Jason Lindgren West Marshall 12th Pitcher Infield
8A Gavin Walker Win-E-Mac 12th Shortstop Pitcher
8A Kobe Hamre Win-E-Mac 12th 2nd Base Pitcher
8A Remy Goodwin Win-E-Mac 12th Pitcher Catcher
Section Coach of the Year Ryan Hanlon Fosston