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Hall of Fame and MSHSBCA Awards


It is the purpose of the Minnesota High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame to recognize coaches, and others, who have made significant contributions to, and promoted, high school baseball in Minnesota.  

Criteria For Selection of Non-High School Coaches

  1.  Nominees are non-high school coaches who have made major contributions to the promotion of high school baseball in Minnesota.
  2. Nominees may include administrators, athletic directors, college coaches, officials, writers, broadcasters, etc. 

Criteria For Selection of Coaches

  1. Nominees must have served 15 years as a coach.  This can be waived under special circumstances.
  2. Nominees may be active or retired as a coach.
  3. Nominees must have demonstrated a dedication to the highest values of high school baseball.
  4. Nominees must have conducted their programs in such manner that was beneficial for players, schools and communities.
  5. Membership and participation in the Minnesota High School Baseball Coaches Association and the Minnesota High School Coaches Association will be given consideration.

Nomination Process

  1. Any Minnesota State High School Baseball Coaches Association member or high school administrator may make a nomination to the committee by filling out the proper nomination forms.  Forms include biographical information and letters of support from other people. 
  2. Nominations must be received by the final day of the Minnesota High School Baseball Tournament.
  3. Nominators must assemble the nomination forms, letters of recommendation, and mail them to the standing committee chairman.  Other material thought relevant by the nominator should be included.
  4. A majority vote by the selection committee is needed for selection.  Those not selected remain candidates for the following years.

Hall of Fame Nominations

Other MSHSBCA Award Nominations